Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

       The information of this pages is concerning with the policies, use and disclose of personal data which is included in the blog. When you are using the services, you are agree to our service and condition and the policy. While using the date in this blog

Uses and information

      We are adding various information for different purposes. And the information will be helpful to access all the people which are away from the main stream.

Data Uses and Cookies:

      We are always testing the information how it is used and accessed. This information including your computers internet protocol IP address, version of browser, type of browser, date and time and visited pages in blog. Also how much time you spend and which part you are copying.

Cookies data and Tracking:

     For your kind information we are using cookies and technology of tracking for catching some information.  We are using the cookies which is small file of data include identification of an anonymous. Your browser we are sent cookies and store in your devices.  For improving our services.

 How I keep watch on my cookies and control it?

     We know that if you are delete the cookies the website can’t work properly. And you will be lose some act. We suggest you to keep continuing the cookies while using our website. The cookies not concerning our website and interring your browser you can reject third parties cookies.

Google Analytics —

     Google AdSense is necessary service for use that’s why the links cookies already set with this program in your device.

Google AdSense —

Use of Data this blog provide the data for various purposes and you can used it only not selling purposes.

 Data Transfer:

     Your personal data, information may be move and maintained on outside located computers for country government or other govt. jurisdiction. For the purpose of concerning information.

     If you are living outside USA and you are sending information to us, we are transferring the data. Personal data and processing the data there,

Disclosure Of Data

Legal Requirements:

     Humanism, Education and law may open and use your data in good belief and faith

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